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Market St., Room 3 Courthouse Princeton, KY 42445-1675 Telephone: (502) 365-6754 Calloway County Calloway County Clerk 101 S. Murray, KY 42071-2569 Telephone: (270) 753-3923 Campbell County Campbell County Clerk 340 York St.

"Problems with stress, depression, healthy relationships or living a balanced life can be overwhelming, If you are having difficulty coping with life's challenges, please call and take this step toward a happier life!

Henderson endured years of ‘abuse and abandonment’ while growing up in poverty in rural Indiana, she wrote in her unflinching memoir.

Her father was an alcoholic and her mother walked out on the family when Florence was 12 years old.

Law enforcement agencies decide, on a case-by-case basis what information is to be posted.

I perform the State substance abuse assessment for treatment referral, in office or in jail when needed.Some State, County, or private services may charge a fee to perform a search.Kentucky Arrest Records Kentucky Corrections Records: Corrections records of statewide criminal records on persons who have been convicted of felonies as defined by Kentucky state law and sentenced to serve jail time since 1979.Results show the date of crime, county of crime, sentence date, case number, name, DOB, race, sex, charges and sentence. Kentucky Sex Offender Records: All sex offenders sentenced since July 1994. Most counties provide both felony and misdemeanor convictions dating back 7 years.Felonies are usually crimes that are punishable by at least one year of jail time.

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