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At the bottom level - just like English, History, History of Art etc - Archaeology is an excellent humanities degree.It provides a general degree level education with a wide variety of transferable and general skills.The majority of those taking an Archaeology degree do not intend to work directly in the profession.The main value of archaeological processes and ways of thinking are to do with the intelligent interpretation of insufficient data - something all high value enterprises are struggling with.These people were no longer pictures in a textbook; they were living humans, right in front of me.

Despite fears that Fidel Castro, whose rebel army helped to overthrow Batista, might have communist leanings, the U. Her father found a note on the floor asking for a ,000 ransom.

Walter Chrysler, the founder of the Chrysler Corporation, one of America’s Big Three automakers, is featured on the cover of Time magazine as its Man of the Year. Smith played a major role in managing relations with Native Americans during the Civil War.

In 1928, under Walter Chrysler’s leadership, his company had acquired the Dodge Brothers Company, thereby becoming the world’s third-largest automaker. Smith was born in Boston in 1808 and raised in Cincinnati. In his final State of the Union address before Congress, President Harry S.

Anecdotally, employees really like archaeology students as they are (generally) good at synthesising data and working across qualitative and quantitative data sets.

The best introductory summary on the nature and value of archaeology was written by a former professor of mine, Andrew B.

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