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The trust will be working with a wide range of partners, including Metro Charity, Health Action Charity Organisation, SH:24, Open Road and community pharmacies to deliver the best care for people in Medway.

The earliest definite reference to cricket is dated Monday, 17 January 1597 (i.e., a Julian date which is 1598 by modern reckoning under the Gregorian calendar).

There will be several spoke clinics delivering mainly contraception and screening services for people without symptoms, as well as outreach services in schools and colleges.

HIV patients will see no change at all in their care.

The sparse information available about the early years suggests that it may have been a children's game in the 16th century but, by 1611, it had become an adult pastime.

The earliest known organised match was played c.1611, a year in which other significant references to the sport are dated.

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